How to use RCPsych Portfolio Online

In this YouTube video, Dr Palwasha Mukhtar is showing us how to use RCPsych portfolio.

Dr Palwasha Mukhtar is a Core Trainee in Psychiatry and she is kindly showing us the basics of RCPsych Portfolio. In my experience the junior IMGs struggle to understand the portfolio online as it may be their first experience of using an electronic portfolio. By this video, you can hopefully understand some basics.

There are lots of useful information on the RCPsych portfolio website.

The Work Place Based Assessments (WPBAs)…

Published by Raja Adnan Ahmed

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist working in South Wales. I am interested in raising awareness of mental illness, fighting the stigma around mental health and also medical education. I am passionate about supporting junior doctors & IMGs.

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