Old Style Psychiatry Portfolio

Doctors working in the UK Foundation program and the Psychiatry training grade jobs maintain electronic portfolios.

Doctors working on non training grade jobs in Psychiatry are also advised to maintain a portfolio especially if they wish to apply for training jobs in the future or take CESR pathway as the Portfolio help in documenting progress and showcasing their achievements.

In my opinion the best way to maintain a portfolio in Psychiatry is via the official RCPsych online portfolio which allows both training and non training grade doctors to maintain a electronic record portfolio.

Please check the link below.


However some doctors wish to maintain old style paper portfolio and this blog contains example of old style portfolio framework and paper copies of old style workplace based assessments.

Portfolio Framework

Here is an example of old style RCPsych portfolio framework and it may give you some idea on how to organize and present your portfolio at the interviews.

Work Place Based Assessments (WPBAs)

I am posting some examples of old style paper forms of WPBAs. In order to get more up to date examples of WPBAs, please check this blog post below by the RCPsych online portfolio team.


Assessment of Clinical Expertise (ACE)

ACE is modified from of the Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX), in which an entire clinical encounter is observed and rated.

Here is a paper version of ACE:

Case Based Discussion (CBD)

An assessment based on structured discussion of a case with a senior

Assessment of Teaching (AoT)

An assessment of teaching session which was delivered by the trainee

Assessment of Psychotherapy Expertise

This form was used for assessment of psychotherapy expertise.

An example of CT-1 psychiatry level Personal Developmental Plan

I hope this was helpful.

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