IMG Guide to Speciality Training (ST) in Psychiatry- By Dr Maryam Tariq

In this blog Dr Maryam Tariq is sharing her journey as an IMG doctor of passing MRCPsych while working outside UK and securing ST training in the UK.

Developing CV in line with Medical Practises of NHS & UK

Tips on how to improve your CV in line with medical practises of the NHS and UK while working abroad.

Imposter Syndrome in the IMG Doctors

What is imposter syndrome, why it may be more common in the IMG doctors and how to overcome it.

GMC Sponsorship Route for International Psychiatrists

This blog explains the GMC Sponsorship Route for International Psychiatrists

Medical Appraisal – Guide for the IMGs

A simple guide to help IMGs understand the appraisal process.

Recommended books for Junior Doctors in Psychiatry

This blog has collection of some recommended books in Psychiatry especially for the junior doctors who are new to Psychiatry.

How to use RCPsych Portfolio Online

In this YouTube video, Dr Palwasha Mukhtar is showing us how to use RCPsych portfolio.

PLAB vs MRCPsych

In this blog , I am comparing PLAB vs MRCPsych Exams.

GP vs Psychiatry

In this blog. I am comparing professional life of a GP and Psychiatrist based on my experience.

How to prepare for the MRCPsych Exams

Dr. Deoman’s Journey through MRCPsych Many doctors are interested in the RCPsych examinations and are looking for guides on how to prepare for the MRCPsych exams? Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) is a post-nominal qualification mandated by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Starting in 2015, the RCPsych reduced the number of WrittenContinue reading “How to prepare for the MRCPsych Exams”

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