Special Interest Sessions as ST Doctor in Psychiatry

I asked some ST Psychiatry Doctors how they are spending their special interest sessions and if they were involved in further education during the ST training.

Here is the list of their responses.

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Old Style Psychiatry Portfolio

Doctors working in the UK Foundation program and the Psychiatry training grade jobs maintain electronic portfolios.

Doctors working on non training grade jobs in Psychiatry are also advised to maintain a portfolio especially if they wish to apply for training jobs in the future or take CESR pathway as the Portfolio help in documenting progress and showcasing their achievements.

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First Psychiatry Job as Junior Doctor

This guide aims to signpost junior doctors towards useful resources when starting their first post in Psychiatry. This document is largely a reflection of my own experience and one can appreciate there are huge variations in working patterns in mental health teams across the country. Therefore, I must point out that this does not replace your local protocols and guidelines in any way.

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A Career in Psychiatry

Psychiatry is an extremely fulfilling specialty to work in. It offers many exciting prospects over and above the clinical work such as acquiring new skills and learning new topics, opportunities for management, leadership, research, and teaching skills along with making a tangible impact in the society.

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How to Approach Job Interview

Psychiatry Non-Training Job Interview

I have composed this short guide to help junior doctors applying for CT equivalent non-training psychiatry jobs. This guide is my based on my own reflection of the interview process, therefore, I do not recommend gleaning any information. You should always be open and honest with your answers and they should reflect your training and personality. Always be absolutely honest with your answers and do not ever lie on your CV, application or portfolio. Not only is this a serious offense but it raises questions about your general conduct for the future.

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