Get paid articles free; books too

Perhaps the only stealth that is still not unethical is the stealth of knowledge, and SciHub is sure about this. It just so frequently happens that you need to get an article, but the article is paid. SciHub is made to break these paywalls. The following are the steps to get an article free onContinue reading “Get paid articles free; books too”

Software to help you with Research

If you have already learnt some research methods and want to improve your research skills further, the following are some free and/or paid software that can help you extend your skills. EndNote EndNote is perhaps the most versatile software to help you with referencing. It saves you time by giving you the power to downloadContinue reading “Software to help you with Research”

Add these Skills to your CV to Standout

Digital Technology for Clinicians As a medical students and psychiatry trainees, we all have one thing in common—we suck at the use of technology. That’s an opportunity. If you learn and master some digital skills, you can easily standout from the crowd. You may polish your PowerPoint Skills to impress your audience during your presentations,Continue reading “Add these Skills to your CV to Standout”

CDC Train

TRAIN is a national learning network that provides thousands of quality training opportunities to more than 2 million professionals who protect and improve the public’s health. Powered by the Public Health Foundation (PHF), the TRAIN Learning Network brings together agencies and organizations in the public health, healthcare, and preparedness sectors to disseminate, track, and shareContinue reading “CDC Train”

Search PubMed Like a Pro

PubMed is the National Library of Medicine’s platform that delivers access to over 30 million biomedical citations. Learners will be able to create an NCBI account, define the difference between a Medical Subject Heading and a keyword, execute an effective search using both Medical Subject Headings and keywords, employ field tags, set up a searchContinue reading “Search PubMed Like a Pro”