GMC Registration via Sponsorship Route

Every time I post a comment about sponsorship route on social media I get tens of messages from international doctors, some of them asking for information and other sending me their CV to find them jobs.

So I am writing this post to explain what I know about this route.

Can I get GMC registration without PLAB, Membership exams or MTI posts?

Yes you can using the and GMC website has a list of the trust who can sponsor your GMC registration. You still need to do the English competency exam to get GMC registration.

What have you seen happening in practice?

In my experience the hospitals prefer to employ doctors with GMC registration and this sponsorship route is used by hospitals for speciosities and graded where there is acute shortage and they can not

This unusually apply to middle non training grade positions on specialities like psychiatry for experienced doctors in psychiatry.

Some hospitals will run international follow type adverts to employ doctors and they will appear time to time in the NHS jobs website.

Is the GMC registration permanent when you get it via this route?

Yes the GMC registration is permanent and when you change the job, you will still be registered. The GMC registration via sponsorship route does not mandate you to only work for that particular employer.

What about the visa type?

Unless the employer use the MTI route, you should get the Tier-2 visa.

How should I find these posts and how should I apply?

You should look out for these adverts in the NHS jobs website where they are recruiting for example the international fellows.

If you are an experienced doctor, you can apply for speciality doctor positions in the NHS using the NHS jobs website or trac job website but explain clearly in your application that you do not have GMC registration and will require the trust to sponsor your GMC registration if you are successful in the interview stage.