IMG Guide to Speciality Training (ST) in Psychiatry- By Dr Maryam Tariq

In this blog Dr Maryam Tariq is sharing her journey as an IMG doctor of passing MRCPsych while working outside UK and securing ST training in the UK.

Parent’s UK Visit Visa

This blog is written as guidance to the IMG doctors who wish to apply for their parent’s visit visa.

NHS Interview Experience by Dr Sanaa Moledina

In this blog, Sanaa intends to give you a sneak-peak into her first ever interview in the NHS (within CAMHS as a FY3) and tips about how you can prepare yourself for one too.

Clinical Attachment in Psychiatry – Anonymous Experience

In this blog, a Young IMG doctor is sharing their experience of Clinical Attachment in Psychiatry.

How to secure Psychiatry ST training – An IMG Experience by Dr Awab

In this blog Dr Awab is sharing his experience of securing ST training while he was working outside UK.

How to Pass MRCPsych Exam- by Dr Saqib Siddique

In this Blog Dr. Saqib Siddique, a Psychiatrist from Pakistan is sharing his experience of passing MRCPsych exam.

How to Pass MRCPsych Exam – by Dr Marium Mansoor

In this blog, Dr Marium Mansoor is explaining how she prepared and passed MRCPsych exam while working in Pakistan.

How to Pass CASC – 2020

This blog has advice from the successful candidates of MRCPsych CASC exam from the Sept 2020 attempt which was an online exam.

Electives in UK by Dr Bilal Ahmad

In this blog, Dr Bilal Ahmad is sharing his experience of doing electives in the Uk as an international medical student.

Electives in UK by Dr Nenwani

In this blog, Dr Nenwani is sharing his experience electives in the UK as a medical student.

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