How to prepare for the MRCPsych Exams

Dr. Deoman’s Journey through MRCPsych Many doctors are interested in the RCPsych examinations and are looking for guides on how to prepare for the MRCPsych exams? Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) is a post-nominal qualification mandated by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Starting in 2015, the RCPsych reduced the number of WrittenContinue reading “How to prepare for the MRCPsych Exams”

How to Pass MRCPsych Exam- by Dr Saqib Siddique

In this Blog Dr. Saqib Siddique, a Psychiatrist from Pakistan is sharing his experience of passing MRCPsych exam.

How to Pass MRCPsych Exam – by Dr Marium Mansoor

In this blog, Dr Marium Mansoor is explaining how she prepared and passed MRCPsych exam while working in Pakistan.

How to Pass CASC – 2020

This blog has advice from the successful candidates of MRCPsych CASC exam from the Sept 2020 attempt which was an online exam.

Dr Shafiq’s Experience of MRCPsych Exam

In this Blog post Dr Shafiq is sharing her experience of passing MRCPsych exam.

MRCPsych CASC Experience & Advice from Successful Candidates (2018)

I gathered this information from successful CASC candidates which include a mix of UK graduate and IMG.

Dr. Wajiha Zia’s Journey Through MRCPsych Exams

In this blog post, Dr Wajiha Zia shares her personal journey and reflections about MRCPysch Exam

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