Dr Alveena Bilal’s advice on interview preparations

“In this post Dr Bilal explains how she prepared for interviews and improved her CV while waiting”

It’s a post for those who are done with GMC registration and are in process of applying for jobs ,especially those who are in UK right now .Everyday many IMG ask for guidance on how to prepare for interviews of different specialities for non training jobs. I hope this will help my fellow IMGs in some way.

So while you are preparing for interview, please follow these :

1. There are many blogs available on this forum regarding interview preparation, Dr.Omer’s blog is really useful, so one can search for that. https://omarsguidelines.blogspot.com/…/guideline-for-imgs-l…

2. There is one article on clinical governance which I found quite useful https://www.medical-interviews.co.uk/…/ct-st-clinical-gover…

3. I read this for audit: http://www.uhbristol.nhs.uk/…/1%20What%20is%20Clinical%20Au…

4. All those who have no previous exposure to UK work environment before, please do attend GMC induction course for new doctors , it’s helpful and discuss certain scenarios which are useful too. Also there is plenty of guidelines to read on GMC app, please download it on your phone.

5. Like most I haven’t done ALS as yet too so how to prepare for that, search on google https://www.resus.org.uk/…/adult-advanced-life-suppo…/.There is plenty of readable material available free on the website .

6. Do read NHS 10 years plan as I was asked about it in a recent interview. https://www.gov.uk/governm…/news/nhs-long-term-plan-launched

7. Regarding clinical scenarios which are usually asked in any interview.I found these really useful for my speciality: http://www.oxforddeanery.nhs.uk/…/clinical_simulation_scena…

8.To acclimatise yourself for the new environment, one needs to prepare for it. Please read situational judgement scenarios for FY1 & 2 .There are a few books available on amazon for that.Unfortunately we’ve not been trained like this back home and this would really help you to have an idea of what is ahead.Search google and you may find some free stuff to read online too https://www.assessmentday.co.uk/situational-judge…/index.php

9. It’s a frustrating time I know ……applying for jobs and waiting for positive response really gets on your nerves, so to tackle this start doing free cpd resources of your speciality along with ethics related modules.This will help you in killing time and gaining cpd hours required for GMC apraisal. Following websites offers some free modules :

10. Last but not least, download app for Eventbrite and search for local health and wellbeing courses in your area nearby.You may find something useful to attend .

Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality. Eliyahu Goldratt

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