Personal Development Plan (Example CT-1 Psychiatry)

This is just an example of a personal development plan at CT-1 psychiatry level.

PDPs are very personal to individuals based on their training needs, so please use this just as an example or guide, don’t copy it.

Personal Development Plan (Example CT-1 Psychiatry)

Improving clinical skills Learning the Mental State Examination and be proficient by end of the CT-1 year. Undertaking mental state examinations in various settings in a variety of patients.Gather feedback from seniors ACEMini-ACE

A better understanding of community psychiatry

Developing a better understanding of the community mental health team and community psychiatry. Shadowing consultants in outpatient clinics.Attending a community team MDT

Shadowing CPNs on community visits.


Case-Based discussion

Learning Psychiatry Risk Assessment Improving clinical knowledge and understanding of risk assessment.

Be able to confidently undertake risk assessments ward and in emergencies by end of CT-1 year

Actively participating in risk assessment during clinical placements and on-calls.

Learning about formal tools used in risk assessment of psychiatry patients.


Case-Based discussion

Improve understanding of clinical research and critical appraisal. Develop a better understanding of research methods and understanding the principles of critical appraisal. Attending the local postgrad critical appraisal presentation and studying psychiatry journals Critically appraising a paper and presenting to post-grad.Gathering feedback via  workplace based assessments

Participation in service Improvement


Undertaking a clinical audit during my CT-1 year Identifying an audit topic and guidelines.Gathering data and analysis. Completing an audit and presenting it locally.
Teaching skills Improving teaching skills and style By actively participating in medical student teaching during  their placement with the clinical team Gathering feedback on teaching sessions.

Improving presentation skills

Improve data gathering skills along with differential diagnosis and formulation skills. By finding interesting cases via clinical caseload. Gathering detailed history and discussion with seniors.Preparing case presentation Case Presentation at the local post-gradWorkplace-based assessment.
Improving clinical skills Improving understanding of psychiatry ward rounds and presenting cases at the ward rounds Attending regular ward rounds and actively participating in ward meetings Mini ACEACE
Improving communication skills Continued reflection on communications skills with an aim to improve as it is  an essential skill for a psychiatrist Taking histories and communication with relatives of patients in supervised settings like ward, OPD and during on-calls

Gathering formal feedback from seniors and nursing colleagues

Improving knowledge of psychotropic medications Develop a better understanding of the community use of psychotropic medications Reading NICE and  Maudsley prescribing guidelines in relation to commonly used psychiatric medicationRefereeing to BNF Case-Based discussion (CBD)
Developing knowledge of basic psychology and psychotherapy and their clinical relevance Improving knowledge of basic psychology and psychotherapy in relation to clinical work and MRCPsych exam. Studying basic psychology

Attending Balint groups

Shadowing clinical psychologist

Improve understanding of local

psychology services

Workplace-based assessments
Improving knowledge of ECT Developing a better understanding of ECT

Understanding the theory behind ECT and recent guidelines

Reading about ECT from various academic sources

Understanding the NICE guidelines of ECT

Attending the local ECT suit and giving E CT under supervision

DOPSCase-Based discussion (CBD)
Passing Paper-A of MRCPsych exam Improving clinical knowledge base up to the level of MRCPsych exam. Attending the local MRCPsych courseIndividual & Group study with other trainees The attendance record of the local MRCPsych course

Passing Paper-A of MRCPsych exam

PDF copy: Personal Development Plan

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