Dr. Nacharin’s Experience of securing Psychiatry Core Training by scoring highly on SRA

In this blog post, Dr. Nacharin is sharing his experience of scoring highly on MSRA, which led him to bypass the interview stage of Core Psychiatry Training recruitment and he received an offer of appointment.

Old Style Psychiatry Portfolio

This blog post will help people who are looking for old style paper portfolio and copies of WPBAs

Dr. Elisseou’s experience of WAST (Widening Access to Specialty Training)

Dr Antigoni Elisseou was successful in securing WAST position in 2018 and in this blog she shares her experience.

First Psychiatry Job as Junior Doctor

This guide aims to signpost junior doctors towards useful resources when starting their first post in Psychiatry. This document is largely a reflection of my own experience and one can appreciate there are huge variations in working patterns in mental health teams across the country. Therefore, I must point out that this does not replaceContinue reading “First Psychiatry Job as Junior Doctor”

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